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Andrea Rampone

Andrea Rampone is a fine artist, photographer and recent graduate from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (aka, Virginia Tech) earning a B.F.A. degree in Studio Art with a Minor in Art History. Andrea specializes in digital photography and her main painting concentrations are oil, acrylic and watercolor. Having grown up in tropical El Salvador, she uniquely incorporates her bicultural background and aesthetic use of vibrant colors in her artwork, showing and inspiring a unique depth and understanding of design and culture.

Growing up among a family of artists, Andrea Rampone's passion for art developed at an early age. She would spend many hours at her grandmother's ceramic studio molding clay, painting, glazing and experimenting with mixing colors. This experience quickly led to her sincere love of painting. Her inspiration to pursue photography began with her mom's constant use of a 35mm film camera as she was growing up. Thankfully, her mom would share her camera so that Andrea could start her own experiments and create a new path to photography.